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What You Have to Know About SmartLipo for Women Only a few women are totally happy with the shape of their body. There are many who are going to go for a diet and they would exercise endlessly but when they check out the mirror, the would become dissatisfied with the reflection. There are times that it would make more sense to obtain some help. Nobody is perfect, but through SmartLipo then one could look great in no time or little time. With the traditional liposuction, the patient would be under anesthesia, so they aren’t awake on the procedure. The doctor would make incisions and utilize an instrument that is the cannula, such would suck the fat out of the area being affected. Because the fat is sucked and scraped out in a thro-and-fro motion. There are a lot of patients who have selected the traditional liposuction are at times suffering from scars, bruising and soreness. Anesthesia may make the people feel physically ill and sometimes, the anesthesia would make the patients feel groggy for one hour or so following the operation. Through SmartLipo, you would be awake on the whole procedure. The tiny incision is made just above or below the area that is affected and the doctor would use three different heat degrees of laser to be able to melt the fat. Know that the first laser would be used to melt the fat. It is the second laser that would help the body tighten the skin naturally. It is the third laser that cauterizes the small incision, promote healing and keep any blood loss to a minimum.
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Because there is no anesthesia, SmartLipo procedures are a lot cheaper unlike the traditional liposuction treatments. Moreover, this means that patients can get the procedure in the doctor’s office rather than going to the surgery center or hospital. Know that the traditional liposuction procedures may at times be painful, particularly after the procedure, when trying to heal. The patients must wear a compression garment for a number of weeks after the procedure and such doesn’t only promote healing but this would also assist the sin to retain the new shape without actually sagging.
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With SmartLipo, because laser is used and the initial incision is small, the healing would start shortly after the incision is cauterized with final laser treatment and skin starting to tighten and heal immediately. The patient may still need to wear a compression garment. Through the SmartLipo, the patients would only wear the garment for a few days and the skin is tightened while the procedure is going on. When you go for liposuction, it is really important that you must find a good plastic surgeon who can do this. There are a lot of plastic surgeons that you can find but you must go through the reviews to have a really good one.