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Understanding Home Health Care

Do you know what is the difference of home health care from a home care or nursing home? Home health care refers to the health care services given to a person in his own home for his illness or injury. If you come to think about it, having more convenient and less expensive, simulating the set up and effectively of services in a hospital setting or a skilled nursing facility. The goal of home health care is treatment of illness or injury so the patient will eventually regain his independence, become more self-sufficient and regain health and wellness in a more convenient way. Home health care usually comes after hospitalization or a doctor’s visit. Keep your loved ones comfortable and safe, maintaining and sustaining their quality of life.

Home health care services may include the following: skilled nursing, in-home physical therapy, pain management, wound care and medication. The other patient care procedures are morning care such as oral care and bathing, bed side care, dress up, dementia orientation activities, medication administration and reminders, and errands.

In the United States, home health care is also known as termed as home care or in-home care, and it comprises any type of health care done by a skilled professional or otherwise, at the convenience of your home. It also involves non-medical private duty care.

A doctor’s order is needed to initiate the home health care process, wherein the doctor may refer you for a home health agency. Your doctor and the home health agency staff will discuss the best plan of action for you or your loved one’s illness or injury, so as everything must be monitored accordingly. It is important that your home health care provider should see you as often as what the doctor ordered. It is also important for you to check if your health insurance gives you home health care benefits.

The home health care system makes it possible for you to stay at home instead of going to a long-term, residential or institutional-based health care nursing facility. Professional home health care services include medication administration, wound care, pain management, occupational therapy, speech therapy and medical and psychological assessment. Home health care agencies do reference checks, pre-employment background checks, training, monitoring and supervision of staff to do the health care services. Licensing and certification are carried out by governing government agencies are available for legitimate operations. Home health care agencies cater services to seniors, adults, and pediatric clients who are in the process of recovery after hospitalization, facility stay or additional support to for safety and prevent hospitalization. It is now time to choose the best home health care provider for you or your loved one, since you gain knowledge and understanding about home health care services.

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