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Features of the Best Nurses Shoes

Nurses spend a ridiculous amount of time on their feet. They are also exposed to a number of messy, wet floors that require careful footwork as they zip around. Both of these career realities mean that they need shoes that will keep them as safe and comfortable as possible. They must have something that will provide all of this so completely that they never have to think about their footwear once their day has begun.

Staying More Secure

Features of the best non-slip shoes include a slip resistant outer sole that will stay firm to the floor even when supporting patients or moving quickly on slippery floors. Rubber soles are typically the best option for reliable traction and are the easiest to keep clean as well. Smooth soles with no tread pattern made from any type of material will not provide the amount of stability needed.

Protecting the Feet

Shock absorbent insoles with room for the toes to move freely is very important for nurses shoes. A roomy design that provides ample space for tired, swollen feet is a plus but they must still stay securely on the feet to prevent tripping or causing blisters. Adequate arch support prevents aching feet and a liner that wicks away moisture will reduce the chance of odor and increase comfort.

Keeping up Appearances

Nurses want to look good too. They need comfort from their shoes, but they also want to look good at work and while commuting to and from their jobs. The best shoes for nurses are those that adequately mix comfort, safety and appearance. An attractive leather slip on or lace up shoe with a modern shape is a great start. Basic black shoes are the easiest to keep clean and look new for a longer period of time but shoes with fun patterns are also a great way to add a little personality to hospital scrubs.

No one wants their nurse taken out of action because of an accident of their own or because they damage their feet with ill-fitting or poor quality shoes. Nurses must see their footwear purchase as an investment in their career. The right pair of shoes will make every work day just a little bit more enjoyable.