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Your Absolute Guide to Having a Satisfying Boiled Crawfish Eating Experience Crawfish is well known for its many names – from mountain lobsters, freshwater lobsters, crawdads, mudbugs, yabbies, to crayfish. They are akin to small lobsters and they are crustaceans that can be easily found in freshwater. There are certain places where crawfish are being served upon clients. However, most of their clients are consumers that have no idea how to properly eat crawfish. The most common means of eating them is by boiling them. Boiled crawfish have long been served by several restaurants that have them. When you are planning to eat boiled crawfish for the first time, feelings of intimidation may come your way while looking at other people devouring the dish. However, as you eat crawfish more and more, there is no doubt that you will perfect the skill of properly eating boiled crawfish. When you will visit a place or attend an event that serves crawfish, do not be afraid and feel the need to hide when you see all other people enjoying this infamous meal. Lucky for you, this article will be able to provide you some guidelines when it comes to consuming boiled crawfish. Selecting boiled crawfish that come in a spicy and sweet taste is the best option that you can take if this is your first time consuming them.
Short Course on Seafood – What You Need To Know
Now, the first step to getting spicy and sweet meat of your crawfish is you grab its head with one of your hands and then with your other hand, you pull its tail off.
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If you want to have the best crawfish eating experience, do not miss out on sucking the juices out of the head of the crawfish that you have. You know you have found a person who loves eating crawfish when they bite the head off of these crustaceans and then crush them with their teeth so that they can suck all of its flavorful juices from its head. If you are not a fan of sucking the heads of crawfish, you can instead focus on its tail meat. When you reach the tail of the crawfish, slide your thumb or finger to a few of its shell segments found at the top of its tail that was attached to its head. So that you can expose the meat of its tail, make sure that you are peeling away the shell segments that you can find on top. While the bottom part of the shell is still remaining, you then bring the tail meat into your mouth and then you lightly sink your teeth right into the meat that was exposed. When you bite the meat, make sure to do it lightly while at the same time squeezing and sucking the base of the tail. As the tail meat will be popping into your mouth, the tail shell will then be left into your fingers.