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10 Dog Vitamins Your Dog Should Have

You are most likely aware of the list in this article if you are giving your dog multivitamins. It is sometimes confusing on the other hand for some dog owners which among these vitamins and minerals are most important for your dog. Having said that, knowing what is the function is of vitamin will yield to good results.

Number 1. Beta carotene – this is antioxidant and is integral in protecting your dog from certain kinds of cancer while enhancing their immune system at the same time.

Number 2. Calcium – this can keep your dog’s gums, teeth and bones in good shape and also, necessary for attaining normal heartbeat as well as blood coagulation while also keeping the nerves and the muscles functioning correctly.
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Number 3. Choline – this vitamin is important to have because this metabolizes fat and needed for proper functioning of the nerves and brain health as well that can then prevent dementia from taking place.
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Number 4. Vitamin A – this vitamin is essential and beneficial for the eye health, night vision and overall normal vision of your dog. It is also vital for their reproductive health while avoiding to have itchy and dry skin. It is a lot more important that you give your pups vitamin A for them to have fast development and normal growth.

Number 5. Thiamin – this is responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system and even vital for bulk cellular reaction in body, which makes your dog alert and produce good metabolism.

Number 6. Riboflavin – regulating certain hormones and avoiding cataracts in the canine’s eyes is the importance of this vitamin. In addition to that, it is vital for your dog’s blood and nerve development along with energy production.

Number 7. Niacin – this is in charge of blood circulation and the metabolism of energy which creates healthy skin and also, normal function of your dog.

Number 8. Pantothenic Acid – this one plays an important role for converting the foods consumed by your dog to energy, relieve their stress and fatigue and lastly, speed up healing of their wounds.

Number 9. Biotin – this prevents coprophagia or dogs that are eating its own feces and also, necessary for the growth and development of your pet, improving their coat as well as skin.

Number 10. Folic Acid – this particular mineral is critical for DNA creation in pregnant dogs and also, vital for the reproduction and growth of body cells.

You might want to consider studying and analyzing how these vitamins work and check if your current dog vitamins have one.